The great thing about getting good looking is that you’re good-looking to both women and men. Actually, I take satisfaction within this dual-sexuality charm. I am not actually all that handsome of a man, if you are perhaps not my mother (avoid being perverted, goodness dammit!). But I you may still find those who think I’m the “material.”

Anyway, this account isn’t about me. This tale means my personal guy, Rod. People who’ve look over our very own stuff for some time today, may recall Rod from the tail of
Wild Sms.
Yep, i am dealing with the same man.

Thankfully for me personally and, more to the point, obtainable he’s got permitted me to tell another story of total and complete brutality. Now, we analyze the tale of Rod, a

Best Of Luck Chuck

for brand new age.

In the event that you remember the basic premise of 2007’s
Nominated Good Luck Chuck, you will recall that Dickhead MaGee (Dane prepare) had a curse whenever he slept with a women, they’d find their own true love aka the next man they attach with… Terrible motion picture. Enter Rod: “much better than fiction.” There’s not a very an expression for this… Could we call it “Acquiring Chucked?”  Because of this post, we’ll merely make use of that, mmkay?

Enter the Vag at Your Own Risk

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I’m responsible at least for most of those cases of Rod obtaining


If memory space serves me personally well, I launched or put him in a position to fulfill and date no less than three lovely ladies. This was while in the occasions when i truly wished to match my buddies together. Needless to say, i am an asshole and that I not any longer have fun with the matchmaking video game.

Rod Vs. Herzog O’Hoolihan

– Young Rod was prepared for fight as he started online dating Herzog, one of my personal best friends, that is already been through it for me personally more occasions than I can depend. This lasted a brief couple of months as a recall. Things started off with extreme fun, but failed to workout, when Herzog pulled the much reviled rip-heart-out-of-chest-with-bare-hand fatality on Rod… Outcome? #sadpandaface, Herzog features since, gotten involved and contains limited army of kids and stays in the world of Happily Ever After…

Distance to Matrimonial Bliss? Two guys.

Rod Vs. Lyrica McSpankyPants

and Dormatta Vue –

Oh, yes, I remember this 1. It absolutely was quite funny exactly how this one played aside… Well, at the least at the beginning. Rod ended up being regarding prowl, you see. He’d came across a set of able and eligible bachelorettes at among my personal much-hyped Halloween functions. I happened to be impressed, the guy would definitely tw0-fist his online dating life!

Lyrica was an enjoyable girl, just who You will find recognized for an extended, lifetime. Nice as cake she was and she couldn’t hold her eyes of Rod. The spent a lot of enjoyable nights with each other, you are sure that, as most those who are into performing one another are wont doing. That isn’t the funny. The amusing, after that, you ask? Some days, he’d get into their auto and drive a block and 1 / 2 to Dormatta’s place to go out and their wang around. Yes, both women he had been matchmaking happened to be just block from a single another. Rod, I think, initially ended up being agitated and stressed from this unanticipated ease, but later on became attracted to the opportunity it supplied. The opportunity expense was actually truly within his support.

Just like most things in life, whether it’s good, it ought to arrive at an-end. In the course of time Rod stopped clinging out/calling Lyrica in true “fade-to-black” trend (aka just “the lose colour”). The guy finished up internet dating Dormatta for over a couple of years before she left him, had gotten interested and moved outside of the nation all within a years’ time.

Range to Matrimonial Bliss? One guy. Let Us quickly onward annually many modification…

Rod vs. Slutty Dorothy

– today, this didn’t keep going a long time. Rod had endured a fairly legendary breakup and have you any idea what the cunning runt of a person did? He moved and dated his ex’s companion!  Well played sir, well played indeed! Slutty Dorothy (no offense to sluts all over the world. I really like you young ones) ended up being, really, slutty-hot. It simply happened at still another Halloween celebration that their quick three-month very long stint of love was coming to an-end. Was it angry-nerd complex that kiled the connection, or ended up being the gal watching some one quietly?  Worldwide may never know. All I’m able to show is the fact that the connection finished at the conclusion of this celebration. She broke things down with him, putting on a Slutty Dorothy outfit (hot, right>?). She wound up acquiring right back with an ex and obtaining engaged within several brief months…

Distance to Matrimonial Bliss? Whoosh!

The ethical with this story children? Getting All The Best Chuck sucks even worse than that shitty movie previously did… Oh! And prevent satisfying people on Halloween! Yeah!

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